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5 Expert Tips to Prepare for Your Mobile Spray Tan: A Checklist

There's nothing like the ability to get a spray tan quickly in the comfort of your own home - this is where On The Glo can help! However, before we arrive there are a few key tips to properly prepare for your spray tan. Follow these six expert tips for a flawless spray tan.

Tip #1: Book Any Waxing, Facials, Pedicures 2 Days Prior to Your Spray Tan

If you regularly get waxed anywhere on your body, enjoy facials or pedicures be sure to schedule these appointments at least two days before you spray tan appointment.

Tip #2: Exfoliate and Shave

Remove any dead skin cells by exfoliating with your favorite scrub and loofah prior to your spray tan. Avoid exfoliants that are oil based or will create a barrier on your skin. We recommend using Norvell Renewing Sunless Exfoliator for the best results. 

Tip #3: Avoid Moisturizing, Makeup and Deodorant 

The day of your spray tan do not apply any moisturizer, makeup or deodorant. Make sure your skin is clean and clear of everything when your technician arrives. These products act as barriers and will prevent the spray tan solution to adhere to your skin.

Tip #4: Wear the Right Clothing

After your spray tan session you'll likely feel a little "sticky." This is normal. Be sure you have some loose fitting (think sundresses and sweatpants), dark clothing to wear afterwards. You'll want to avoid clothing that is tight fitting like yoga pants and leggings until after you take your first shower.  

Tip #5: Relax!

Now that you're fully prepared for your spray tan all you have to do is sit back and relax - we'll be ringing your door bell soon! If you have any additional questions before your appointment don't hesitate to contact us.

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