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Pre Tan Care


Shave / Wax / Nails

Clean + Clear

Please exfoliate your skin as best you can before your appointment. The drier your skin the better! Get rid of all dead skin cells, makeup, lotion, or previous tan using a simple sugar scrub, loofah or exfoliant of your choosing.
If you shave or wax any parts of your body regularly, please do so 12-24 hours before your appointment. Additionally, schedule your manicure and pedicure appointments before your spray tan.Make sure your skin is clean and clear of everything before we arrive. No makeup, perfume, lotion, deodorant, etc.

Post Tan Care

No Water or Sweating

Loose Clothing


Avoid contact with water 6-8 hours after your spray. This includes sweating, skin to skin contact or any activities that involve water. 
Immediately after your spray, we recommend wearing dark, loose clothing (think sundresses and sweatpants). Do not wear anything that is tight such as yoga pants or leggings.
Keeping your skin moisturized the days following your spray will lock in the moisture of your skin and the color. You can start applying right after your initial shower.

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